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Guidance and Inspiration

What is the process?

To receive maximum results, different methods of journaling, vision boarding, drawing and simple conversation will be used to help you explore all possibilities. Each session is tailored made for you.  Below is a sample of what you can expect.

Session 1:

Vision:  This session will explain your vision, where you want to be and why.

It is important to not only visualize but also verbalize your vision so others will be able to see and understand your expected outcome.

Session 2:

Identify:  This session will explain where you are now.

We will look at your life by identifying the places where you have become comfortable and the reason(s) you may have deferred or dismissed your vision and dreams.

Session 3:

Options:  This session will explore all possible options for you to successfully execute your vision.

Let’s identify all of your options and some that may not have been considered.  This will help you determine where the best place to begin and if assistance for others is needed.  Let’s also analyze what has worked in the past and what needs to change.

Session 4: 

This session will help you formulate a plan to achieve success.  We will develop the plan using the GOAL and SMART goal methods.

Session 5:

This session will review the plan, the possibilities, identify removed roadblocks and the options to determine the best place to begin.

The vision and plan will be plainly written and an accountability partner identified.  The plan will be set in motion to begin accomplishing the goal.

Individual sessions - $75/hr

Group sessions - $800  (Includes all materials and 5 individual coaching sessions.)

Payment plans available

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