Below you will find a sneak peak of the content you will receive at the I Am A Prophetic Word Conference.

I pray it not only blesses but stirs you soul!  

This conference is for both men and women. 

Great couples weekend experience!  Allow God to speak over your marriage!

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To prepare for the move of God that will take place, individuals will have an opportunity to walk from the Gate into the Holy of Holies as in Exodus 25 – 30.  Walk through the Gate and have an opportunity to offer a sacrifice at the Brazen Altar.  Move to the brass to beat out, “the roadblocks” that have been a deterrence and hinderance to moving in obedience.  Wash away the remnants of sacrifice and the roadblocks at the laver.  Pick up the incense, a fragrance that represents prayer and worship as one moves into the Inner Court.  Visit the Table of Showbread and take Communion, recognize the Menorrah, the oil God pressed through the trials and tribulations that becomes the fuel that allows the light of God to shine through you.  Place the fragrance at the Altar of Incense.  Enter into the Secret Place to prepare to enter into the Holy of Holies to sit as the priest of your life and your family as you enter the Shekinah Glory of God.


Prophetic presbytery occurs when a time and place is set aside for two or more ministers with a gift of prophecy to bring prophetic insights and encouragement from God to an individual or group of people. "Do not neglect your gift, which was given you through prophecy when the body of elders laid their hands on you.’ (1 Tim 4:14, NIV)

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 Friday, October 26, 2018

Minister Dee Evans, The Gift Church, Va Beach, VA




Saturday, October 27, 2018

Crystal Rivera, Chesapeake, VA









"I Am Transformed" Romans 12:1-2 (Women Session)

This is Crystal's personal testimony of how God transformed her spiritually, mentally, and physically.  This session will encourage you to seek God for the prophetic words spoken over your soul as you were formed.   The moment you decided to live out the God's covenant for your life, permission was granted for transformation to begin.  It may include struggles, it may include painful revelations, but the pressing becomes the oil that not only fuels your faith, but fuels you to become the prophetic word.

Salathia Johnson, Key Financial Solution









"I Am A New Beginning" Isaiah 43:18-19, Jeremiah 29:11 (Women Session)

Salathia will inspire you to free yourself from past mistakes, decisions and poor choices.  God's mercy and loves covers all.  He has already forgiven you.  Wash you hands of these hinderances to realize that God's promises are still true.  This is the time to begin again.  God was really drawing you closer to him.  This is your "do-over"as he will remind you of who you are and the living word you are becoming.

Pastor Anthony Harris, Anthony Harris Ministries






"The Prophetic Word and Warfare" 1 John 4:1-6 (Men Session 

Pastor Harris is a prophetic warrior.  He will share with the men how the enemy will try to use our prophetic words against us. It is important to know the voice of God and how to walk in the truth of the words God has proclaimed over us.  It is important for all men to know God is calling them forward to walk in victory and in his glory.  


Overseer Ishod Britt, The Gift Church, Va Beach, VA

"I Am Confident" Philippians 1:6 (Men Session)

Overseer Britt is a voice for generations.  He will share testimony of how he learned to minister with the confidence of God and use his spiritual gifts with power and authority.  Although there will be struggles to overcomes, the blessings of obedience to God's words spoken to your soul will allow you to see this is only a journey you can walk.

Frank Battle, Richmond, VA


"I Am Life" (Men Session)

Frank's testimony will change your view about ministry as will give you permissiont o view it from a different lens.  You may not have lived your life with purpose, but you can now live your life on purpose.  You are the walking prophetic word!  Now is the time to accept this revelation!


Rev. Sandra-Caldwell William, Friendship Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC

Rev. Patricia Turner-Olds, Fifth Street Baptist Church, Richmond, VA


"I Am Perserverance" Hebrews 12:1-2 (Women Session)

Rev. Caldwell-Williams and Rev. Turner-Olds, Momma San and Momma Pat as they are lovingly called, are the mothers of this ministry.  Over the years they have poured their wisdom into men and woman who have come into their presence.  Their transparency has altered ministries and lives.  In this session they will share their mental, physical, and spiritual struggles, life choices, and the power of obedience.  To live life as a prophetic word of God perserverance is a necessity.  Perserverance is defined as determination to accomplish a goal despite the obstacles.  This is session is going to blow your mind and increase your faith.

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Pastor Angie Leslie

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Khrystina Harvey, Atlanta, GA










Sid Thompson, Richmond, VA

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