"Getting Started with Dr. Dee"

Dr. Dee Evans is the epitome of power and grace. She is serial entrepreneur, author and visionary. She is the owner of Koinonia Training and Consulting, a consulting business that specializes in branding and life coaching. 

Dr. Dee is dedicated to branding other entrepreneurs. I started this consulting company to transform the world, one business at a time. Koinonia Training and Consulting understands the importance of social responsibility and we work hard to make our clients aware of the need for socially responsible business owners. The staff at Koinonia Training and Consulting is dedicated to making your business grow.

Dr. Dee is a charismatic speaker, devout worshipper with a keen sense of strategic foresight. She is the best-selling author of A Book of Prayers: A Guide for Intercession, Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare and God, I'm Disappointed.