"His Dream, Her Dream,

Our  Dream"

Many become married, engaged, start new relationships or the strength of a relationship is tested.   One of the greatest tools in any relationship is communication.  During the dating process many questions are asked to see if we are compatible.  Often a response does not truly represent who we are.  

It is important to communicate to our potential spouse our goals and dreams.  Never dismiss their response and what they are doing to make them a reality.    Did they make you see it, feel it, or want to become a part of it? Their answers provide great insight into who they are as their ability to communicate.

Here are a few questions one may want to consider if you are either dating or married:

1. How will you respond when your significant other wants to begin to fulfill those dreams? 

2. Will you become their biggest cheerleader or dream buster?

3. How will you respond when it may require you to spend less time together?

4. If you are already living their goals and dreams, how does the other person fit? 

5. If you are married, how do you communicate your goals and dreams are beyond being a spouse or a parent?

6. How do you communicate your desire to implement your dream or vision?

7. What if your spouse is not in agreement or does not provide support? 

8. How do you communicate itsimportance?

9. Have you considered creating goals as a couple?  

Well, let's have this very candid conversation couples in a committed relationship. I am excited about speaking with married couples Frank and Sheila Battle, Patrick and Tina Gee and engaged couple Jeremy Stephens and Camille Hayes

The conversation continues....here are some additional questions asked after the session:

"Patrick, Tina knew you were her husband, did you know she was your wife as well or did it take you some time?"

"In all actuality, Tina made a statement during a conversation that we were having that gave me cause for concern. I asked Tina to list her life priorities at the initial stage that we were still getting to know one another. Tina's response was, "My job, my son, and the Lord." I was like, "Say what?" and she repeated the same statement. Please understand that i was nowhere close in my walk with God as I am right now, but I knew that God was number #1 over everybody and everything for me. After further discussion, things began to turn around for the better, individually and collectively. We grew closer to God together as we lived separately."


"People love how your dreams seem to work together, but it seems like Patrick's iAdvocate places him in a particular circle. How does Tina handle this? Does she ever feel left out? If not, how does Patrick include her?"


"iAdvocate is the fulfillment of my calling to ministry and my occupation. I am a Healthcare Consultant/Researcher/Consumer Advocate/Hope Dealer. My employer is I AM THAT I AM. My mantra is, " I am the Voice of the Voiceless and the Face of the Faceless in the fight against Chronic Kidney Disease and Health Equity." Tina works for the United States Marshals Service as an Assistant Chief of Administration Office of Detention Standards & Compliance. From iAdvocate was birthed, "Gentle Hands." Gentle Hand is Tina's non-profit organization, where she focuses on training, educational resources, and support for caregivers, care partners, and family members of the chronically and terminally ill.


So, there is our individual, and collective duties are intertwined. Tina's job requires her to travel at least 75% of the year. While she does what her occupation requires, I am doing what the Lord has called me to do. We not only understand our separate duties and entities, but we support each other's endeavors. No one is left out of the loop on anything. COVID-19 has actually been a blessing and a challenge at the same time. We both share a home office and are looking at each other every moment of the day. The only challenge that I am on either Zoom or other media networks either teaching, lecturing, training., etc., while Tina acts as if she is the only one in the room. It's hilarious at times. Trust me, no one in this household is left out. If anything, Tina has her nose in both of our businesses at the same time."