Can I hear me now? Finding my voice....

I had so many thoughts running through my mind as to where to begin with my first blog. I so wanted to write something that would immediately help identify a vision, ignite a fire to start a vision, or give tips to make the vision a success. However, God instructed me to begin by sharing my journey as someone needs to hear that as a Vision Coach, I understand the challenges and how to help you unpack the baggage that is slowing you down.

When I was younger I suffered a traumatic experience. I couldn’t share what happened with anyone; it kept me silent. I went from a free, happy, talkative little girl, to a quiet, non-expressive teenager, to an insecure, invisible woman. I constantly compared my life to others. Always wondering if I was good enough, why my life seemed so hard, and why I was always overlooked.

As time went on, I soon identified myself by the nouns in the English language. I became someone’s wife, a mother, not to mention a daughter and sister. But who was I? What did I want? What ever happened to my dreams? Where was my voice? Oh, I had a voice speaking as the wife of, the mother of, the daughter of, and the sister of. I had a voice speaking for others, pushing them forward as I remained a shadows. But what about the voice that spoke for me? What about the voice that spoke for my dreams? If I couldn’t hear myself, then who was going to hear me? And what did I need to do to be heard? More importantly, why was I not dreaming?

I eventually realized I had to deal with my trauma and go back to the place that took my sound. So I sat with my journal and pen, allowed my mind to travel to this ‘dead’ place, knowing I was safe. But was amazed that in that ‘dead’ place, I could hear my voice. I could hear my voice laughing innocently, yelling stop, and crying. I soon heard myself speaking, expressing my thoughts and feelings to everyone involved, the individual, myself, and God.

Soon my pages were becoming wet. I realized I was crying. All of the emotions that remained hidden for over 30 years came to the surface as I not only allowed myself to open a floodgate of tears, but I let out a sound that had been hidden in my soul. My sound had escaped….it was free…..and it felt good!

The more I screamed, the more I realized what my silence cost me. It cost me my identity. It cost me relationships. It cost me my independence. It cost me my self-worth. It cost me my dreams. But no more. I refused to allow it be caged again! The louder I screamed, I became determined to get it all back! Ohhh…I love my sound!!!

Where is your voice?

Was it silenced? If so, be bold enough to say by whom.

What are you willing to do to reclaim it?

Can you hear your voice/sound?

Are you allowing others to hear your voice?

What is your voice saying?

Are you allowing your voice to project your passion?

Your voice is the driver for your dreams and visions. People have to hear the passion in your voice when you describe your vision, teach your dreams, or sing your songs. Your voice can also be heard visually when you tap into your creativity.

I reclaimed my sound and the next step was to reclaim me. I had to find a way to not only forgive others, but forgive myself. I had to learn how to dream again and live my truth.

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