I Have An Appointment

I recently had a doctor’s appointment. When I walked into the office, there was a line of individuals waiting to sign in. I kept hearing the receptionist tell individuals, “Since you don’t have an appointment, we are going to try and work you in.” When it was my turn to sign in, she said, without making eye contact, “Do you have an appointment?” I said yes. She looked up, and then at my name on the list, and said “Oh yes Ms. Moore, please have a seat and someone will call you back shortly.” They called me back, I met with the doctor and left. As I was leaving, I noticed the individuals who did not have an appointment were still waiting. I was so glad I had scheduled my appointment because who know how long they would be waiting while I went about my day with no delay. As I drove away, I saw the billboard stating the estimated wait time for the ER was 10 minutes.

I began thinking, is this what it’s like with God? When he gives us instructions to move on His behalf, we have a choice to move immediately or we delay our response until we think everything “lines up” so failure would not be an option. But if we move according to the appointed time of God, how could we fail? We won’t have to wait long for our name to be called, the examination to begin, or for directions to given, all because we showed up at our scheduled time. This thought was interesting to me. I mean, we are still planning the Dicy Ministries I Am A Prophetic Word Conference. Those who have planned conferences, workshops, and/or seminars will understand this next sentence. Sometimes vision planners get discouraged. The closer we move to the date of the conference, registrations are not always according to our plan. And we wonder if we have missed our appointment or have arrived too early? Are we moving ahead the vision or are we moving to slow?

Can I be transparent? I remember the very first I AM Conference. God gave me direction to plan this conference. I asked my sista-friend to assist me. All the details were planned in excellence. But no one registered. I was frustrated as rooms for speakers and meals needed to be paid and love offerings needed to be given. Soon a few people registered. I was ready to cancel. But I heard the Lord say, “Is your obedience is for me or the accolades? Make this conference free.” At first this was difficult decision, but I was reminded this conference, this ministry was to fill a spiritual void by helping women identify who they were in order to walk in and out their calling. So, I announced the conference was free. Well the women who came were blessed! We may have been small in numbers, but the workshops were intimate, perfect for healing and deliverance. During the evening worship services God allowed his Shekinah glory to fall! All who attended were in awe of God’s personal visitation to their intimate space. The following conferences were the same, men and women were slow to register but God always moved in a mighty way by revealing truth, breaking chains and reigniting the ability to dream. These individuals took the time to make an appointment, minimizing their wait time. I always find it interesting the individuals who always hear about what took place at the conference say, “I should have been there. I missed it, but next year…..” Next year hasn’t happened yet and they are either still sitting in the lobby or sitting in the ER hoping their estimated wait time is less than 10.

This morning Bishop Jakes made a statement during his sermon that jerked my soul. He said, “I have an appointment.” God said to me, “People are looking at your name and not listening for my voice. They don’t know the Dicy, the Destined Individual Chosen by Yahweh that serves me, that moves out of obedience, that challenges others until the truth is revealed, that shares the knowledge I unveiled to her through my word. People often overlook and dismiss you, but what they are actually doing is overlooking and dismissing an opportunity to receive from me what you carry that others are not able to handle. Not everyone on a public platform carries my greatest revelations, ministry or my anointing. This not only applies to you, but others as well.”

I do my best to keep my appointments with God so I can always hear him respond to the unspoken words of my soul. I want to encourage you, do not get discouraged. People may overlook what you have to offer in ministry, business, books, songs, and gifts, but as long as you walk in God's obedience and His anointing you have a set appointment with destiny. Perhaps this blog is speaking to you about registering for a conference, seminar or workshop that has been in your spirit for days. Make and keep the appointment God has made available just for you. Or maybe you are wondering if the vision God has given you is worth the effort... yes it is. Despite the momentary feelings of disappointment and discouragement, if one person is blessed, God is pleased. Remember, the souls of others are attached to your obedience. I believe the Dicy Ministries I Am A Prophetic Word Conference is one of those appointments. This conference will position you in the presence of God, who will pull out his spiritual calendar to make appointments you thought had been missed as well as future appointments to keep you on track towards your destiny. You may overlook those of use who are not on a national platform….yet, but that doesn’t change our anointing. Don’t overlook and dismiss the opportunities or the ministries God is placing before you. One can never be sure if these appointments can or will be re-scheduled, or of the estimated ER wait time.