You Have Everything You Need!

I recently had a dream. In this dream I was in a grand hotel. After admiring its beauty the hotel was slowly being destroyed. After looking for a way out, I eventually made it to the lobby. I noticed a maintenance man standing on the other side of the door which would provide my exit. I began pleading with him to unlock the door. I heard him say these powerful words….”You have everything you need.” When I heard these words, I became angry and pushed on the door. It wasn’t locked after all. I was able to exit this door and the second door which led me to the parking lot. The hotel was beginning to fall down. I noticed through the dust, the maintenance man was waiting for me to get in my car. After getting in my car, he began to guide me to safety.

There were so many messages I received from this dream. One that stands out the most is the reason for this blog, “You have everything you need.” This was eye opening as after 7 years as a life coach and helping individuals through Dicy Ministries, it is time to step up my game. Coaching packages, webinars, quick coaching tips, inspirational messages, and advancing the I AM Conference to reach individuals internationally is the next step. My resources include a village of inspirational speakers, authors, soul care coaches, social workers, a videographer, a finance coach and many others. I am blessed to have people at my fingertips who are capable of assisting with the expansion of this vision.

For wherever you are on your journey, you have everything you need to be to make your dream and/or vision becomes a reality. Whether it is in regards to finances, relationships, and/or resources, simply stop and assess what or who is in your toolbox.

Someone is saying “YES!” but don’t have an idea of the vision. Some of you are saying “YES!” but don’t have an idea of how to begin. And some of you are saying “YES!” and need help with identifying your resources. Well that is where I, a Vision Coach comes in. Let’s have a quick session shall we?


What is the one thing you like/love to do that gives you joy and why? Making this identification is allows you to identify the vision you desire to bring to life. The why will fuel your fire and become the reason you won’t quit.


If you could do this one thing every day, what would it look like?

Imagine all of the details in color. Create a vision board or journal the details.


It is important never to do more than what you are prepared or equipped to handle. The biggest step you can take is to simply start. Map out the plan by using S.M.A.R.T

  • Specific – simple, sensible, significant

  • Measurable – meaningful, motivating

  • Attainable – agreeable, attainable

  • Relevant – reasonable, realistic, resourced and result-based

  • Time – time based, cost limited


Based on your plan, input names of individuals who will help you achieve your goal. If you find this task difficult, I challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone. Attend conferences that are in line with your vision and network with industry professionals.

I can’t wait to hear how our vision became your reality.

Need more coaching? No worries, group coaching sessions are beginning in January. Individual coaching sessions are also available. Visit